Tour de Cure Kickoff Party


Tour de Cure Kick-off


CycleQuest Studio in Eden Prairie is hosting a Kickoff party for the 2011 Twin Cities Tour de Cure on January 22nd.  Tour de Cure, a diabetes fundraising ride, is coming around again this June (4th) and you can ride a varied length depending on what you are comfortable with.  The ride through the Twin Cities will begin at Minnehaha Falls and continue for 7, 27, 45 or 62 (metric century) miles depending on what distance you select.

The bonuses to the kickoff party seem to be some free spin classes to get you going and a $10 discounted registration fee for the ride itself.  As with most charity rides there is a fundraising component for the ride ($150 minimum for adults), but it is all going to a good cause, so why not?

Registration can be found here.

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