Sick of the Trainer? Try a Spin Class (Guest Review)


Basement Trainer


Wow, anyone else sick and tired of the view from the trainer?  I know I am. Being a cyclist during winter in Minnesota it is tough to keep on the bike.  I try to ride on the streets as much as possible to do errands but with the current conditions I hope I can be forgiven for not taking joy rides.

So what’s a biker to do?  You should try a spin class.  It is amazing how much more fun and motivating it is to ride a bike with a group of people, even if you are inside.  If you haven’t tried it out before maybe this is the winter, after all, you had better start training if you are going to win the Almanzo.

We decided to bring in a much-needed feminine voice for a review of the local spin classes at The Firm, without further delay, here’s Molly;

The Firm

Is it possible to feel like you’re at a dance party while clipped in to your bike all the while being in and out of an anaerobic state?


That is spin class at The Firm (warning a visit to their website with speakers on may cause dancing).  The instructors know how to engage riders of all abilities.  The workouts are intense and fun and engaging.   The music is just shy of being at First Ave.  The instructors are mixing music on the fly and in the same breath next to your bike encouraging you to push just a little harder.  The advance reservation ensures your attendance and spot.  The downtown view out the workout room windows isn’t bad either.  Got clipless pedals? The Firm has both Look and SPD clips on their bikes.

To check out The Firm’s free week, click here.

Molly J.

Thanks Molly!

Happy spinning everyone.

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2 Responses to Sick of the Trainer? Try a Spin Class (Guest Review)

  1. edamomie says:

    I would agree – music and energy each spin instructor at the FIRM brings is unique. Classes fly by. You won’t see me cycling outdoors in MN in the winter : )

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