NordEasters Rejoice, Plymouth Avenue Bridge Re-opens to Cyclists

Plymouth Ave Bridge, Thanks to Doug Wallick for the photo!

When the Plymouth Avenue bridge originally was closed last October it was only intended to be for a few weeks. Corrosive cables were discovered during routine maintenance which indicated that the bridge, built in 1982, might not be safe for vehicles (2010 was a bad year for structures built in 1982).  Subsequent inspections allowed Minneapolis to re-open the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Before heavy snow fell in December, making access difficult, cyclists and runners were already using the bridge as a de facto pedestrian bridge (unofficially).  As of yesterday the sidewalk on the downstream (south) side of the bridge has been cleared.  Due to limited space the city is asking cyclists to walk their bikes across for now.  We think that as long as you are respectful around pedestrians, you should be ok riding.

With an anticipated repair price tag of $7-10 million, it will be a while before the bridge is re-opened to cars,  so come spring there should be plenty of space to ride.

As for us we are just happy that our route to Elsie’s just got a little bit shorter.

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