Free Winter Commuting Classes

Its' not that cold....

We have already tried to help with your New Year’s resolutions once already but here is some more.  Freewheel Bike Shop is offering two classes this month to help you get outside and commuting as soon as possible.  January 13th and 27th they will host a free winter commuting class, that will get you on your bike despite the cold and snow.

It is truly a satisfying experience to have your co-workers look at you as if you have lost your mind and ask; “You didn’t ride your bike today did you?” every day of the winter.

See their announcement below and then go here to sign up for the class of your choice, it’s free what do you have to lose?

We are very excited to announce these classes are now being taught by Nick Partridge!
This class is for anyone who has ever thought about riding their bike to work. Whatever your questions we’ve got the answers. You’ll learn the basics like how to check your bike to make sure it’s safe to ride, what sort of clothing works best to keep you warm and dry, and what sort of maintenance you can expect to perform through the winter.

These classes are offered free of charge, because bicycle commuting is what we believe in. This class is held at our Midtown Bike Center located on the Midtown Greenway on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.

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